Custom Displays

Having a unit designed and manufactured to suit a particular location or style can be the most rewarding way of purchasing.

An off the shelf display counter may be considered the easiest method of purchasing, but a one for all design will lack individuality and personality.

The freedom to design your shop without having to comply to fixed lengths, widths and heights will allow the designer to let the imagination flow a little.
You get to put your own stamp on the shop while knowing that your store is that little bit unique.

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custom design fish counter Ireland Dublin

custom design fish counter Ireland Dublin

3 Dimensional Design

Planning your store can be a risky business. Getting that great design in your head through the manufacturing process and ultimately to your shop floor can be difficult.

Communicating an idea can lead to communication errors and to help eliminate the “lost in communication error” we have a 3d drawing department that can give you a chance to see the finished article at the planning stage.

What this gives is “peace of mind” to both customer and supplier and we have all had that moment of disappointment when we receive something and it is not quiet what we imagined it to be.

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